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This is a call for all translators worldwide! Your linguistic skills are wanted. Three high quality books are available for translation. Contact us for full details.

Deichman recommends Fraudcoin

Norway's biggest public library adds Fraudcoin to their list of recommended reading;

"Exposing the biggest fraud in history. The author provides a strong incentive for monetary freedom, and the book is an absolute 'must' for anyone interested in macroeconomics in modern society. Suitable for everyone who spends money."

About Fraudcoin

BTC Prague 2023

3 exciting days at Europe's largest Bitcoin conference has come to an end. A big thank you to everyone who talked to us and bought the Fraudcoin book. Here is Rune and Anita Posch at one of the book signings that Konsensus Network organized for us.

A new book

Exciting news, we have secretly been working on a new project. A book about Bitcoin.

The book has a ton of beautiful illustrations to companion the clear easy-to-read language you already know from Fraudcoin.


New Cover

The 3rd edition of Fraudcoin gets a revamped cover by Mattis. Same good book, new wrapping.

A Best-seller in Norway

Fraudcoin has now become a best-selling book in Norwegian bookstores.

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