Undoqo means "the core" or "the essence" in the South African language Xhosa.

UNDOQO – where education meets inspiration, and clarity meets creativity.

We believe in the power of knowledge dissemination, in making the seemingly complex accessible to all.

Through our compelling books, accessible courses, thought-provoking talks, engaging meetups, enlightening podcasts, and worldwide conference appearances, we're on a mission to bring Bitcoin education to every corner of the globe.

We're not just educators; we're storytellers. We're passionate about communicating important ideas to the public in a way that's not only easy to understand but also a feast for the eyes.

The Team:

  • Rune Østgård

    "The Pen"

  • Mattis Storhaug

    "The Crayon"

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About Rune

Rune is a bestselling author, a skilled speaker and a popular podcast guest.

He is a lawyer by education, with 25 years of experience from consulting in both the private and public sector, including three years as a National Expert with the European Commission.

Rune’s most valuable qualifications are processing and analyzing vast amounts of complex information in many different fields, presenting his findings in a way that is engaging and easy to understand, and thereby enabling people to formulate conclusions and plan actions.

He has used these qualifications while working on a variety of subjects, such as for instance:

- Making knowledge about money, inflation and Bitcoin accessible for everyone

- Reforming radio spectrum management

- Debunking theories used to analyze the risk of quick clay landslides

The tasks he has undertaken require an ability to quickly develop a high level of interdisciplinary competence in technology, economics, science and politics. However, it’s Rune’s ability to use creativity and captivating storytelling, formulating understandable abstractions, and building up readers’ and listeners’ confidence from the get-go that makes people connect to his work.

About Mattis

Mattis is an award-winning multidiscipline designer with 27 years of experience.

10 years in advertising and creative design, and 17 years with UI and UX for applications and system-critical solutions in both the private and public sectors for several large household names in Norway.

As an example, he’s been working closely with the largest banks and financial institutions, re-imagining their UX, and revamping their apps, products, services, and payment solutions. 

He has long experience in everything from research, workshops, the idea phase, designing, user testing, and overseeing the implementations of the final solutions. He is good at presenting ideas and concepts, leading workshops and design sprints.

He has mentored students and designers, assisted startups, and developed innovative business ideas for clients.

Mattis has the ability to see the big picture and connect the dots despite a foggy outlook. He asks the right questions and excels in bridging the gap between what the client wants and what the end user needs.

In his opinion, great design is about as little design as possible. It should not be constructed or forced. It should just "feel" right. 

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