A best-seller in Norwegian bookstores and recommended by Deichman, Norway's biggest public library.

Fraudcoin - 1000 Years with Inflation as a Policy is an easy-to-read book written for everybody who takes an interest in history, politics and economics. Fraudcoin explains what inflation is and how it affects the society, and it has become popular among readers from all walks of life.

  • 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon as well as ARK and Norli, Norway´s two largest bookstore chains.

  • "I think Fraudcoin is the most engaging and easy to read book about inflation that has ever been written. It also offers a great level of detail on all the government moves and countermoves in the development of the inflation policy.
    Very well done."

    Lawrence W. Lepard, Investment Manager

  • "Fraudcoin is the best book I've read about inflation. It's the perfect mix between the description of historical evidence and the explanation of economic theories. It certainly demonstrates that inflation is a policy, NOT an unfortunate spontaneously emerging calamity."

    David St-Onge, Author

  • "This is an incredibly important book. It lays out the story of the inflation policy in a clear, precise, and easy-to-understand way. It is absolutely necessary for a healthy society to have healthy money, but that will not happen until most people understand what sound money is, and why the inflation policy creates sick money."

    Hodlonaut, Citadel21

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  • "Fraudcoin is an excellent book exploring the role of inflation on politics and world history. It's an important contribution toward educating the public."

    Glenn Diesen, Professor in Geoeconomics

Fraudcoin: 1000 Years with Inflation as a Policy

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Fraudcoin: 1000 år med inflasjon som politikk

In Norwegian.
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The First Batch

The Norwegian author Rune Østgård self-published the book in October 2022. UNDOQO took over the rights in July 2023.

A proud Author with the very first edition of Fraudcoin