“The book is a work of art and is as important as it is beautiful.”

Top signal content with captivating illustrations, and exquisite typography ensure a delightful reading experience.

Understanding Bitcoin

"Arrow of Truth uses illustrations and engaging storytelling to make it easy to understand what Bitcoin is, why Satoshi created it and how its technological architecture makes it so incredibly valuable to society.

A gallery of real villains and heroes

The book presents people who tried to defend their freedom and lost, the power that the rulers got with monopoly in money creation, and how the Cypherpunks fought to create digital money that nobody, neither the state nor any man, could control.

Behind the ink

Mattis Storhaug and Rune Østgård are the founders of UNDOQO. 

Arrow of Truth is their passion project.
While Rune is the pen, Mattis is the editor and graphic designer.

This book would not be possible without two passionate and creative minds clashing together.

"It's hard to make a spark with only one stone" -Mattis